What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Its Advantages

IoT is the electronic technology in which devices can communicate with the user and their environment in real-time. These devices can share data and information between the user and their server allowing the user to experience the combination of the physical world with the digital. In general, IoT is the network of real-world “Things” (devices) made with sensors, software, and other various technology that can communicate with users and devices through the internet. Modern days devices like a smartwatch can track our fitness level, voice assistants on our mobile phones like Siri and Alexa, smart cars like Tesla are built with autonomous riding capability, a home security system that allows monitoring of suspicious activities, and more. Advantages of IoT
  1. It increases the efficiency and productivity of work.
  2. It helps to automate our daily life work.
  3. It can be used as entertainment enhancing user experience.
  4. It helps to communicate and exchange data and information in real-time.
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