First Year

The purpose of the BBS first-year program is to build a strong foundation in students to prepare them to comprehend business concepts, theories, and practice notes. this course includes Business English, Business Statistics, Microeconomics, Accounting for Financial Analysis, and Principles of Management.

Second Year

The purpose of BBS Second Year (2nd) is to provide basic concepts, tools, and understanding of the foundation and core courses. The foundation’s courses are required to develop an understanding of business practices. this course includes Business Communication, Macroeconomics, Cost and Management Accounting, Fundamentals of Marketing, and Foundations of Human Resource Management.

Third Year

The Purpose of BBS Third year (3rd) is to provide basic concepts, tools, and understanding of the fundamentals of business studies. This Course Includes Business Law, Fundamentals of Financial Management, Business Environment and Strategy, Taxation and Auditing, and Organizational Behavior.

Fourth Year

In the BBS fourth year (4th), the students are encouraged to focus on a particular function and concentration area of business studies and. this course includes Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, Concentration Subject I, Concentration subject II, Concentration subject III, Business Research Methods and Final Project.