Define Data types and list them.

Data types are the characteristics of a field that specifies what kind of data can be stored in the given field is called data types. The following are the data types used in MS Access.
S.N Data Type Purpose/use Size
1. Text Alphanumeric characters 0-255 characters / 256 characters
2. Memo Alphanumeric characters 0-65,535 characters / 65,536 characters
3. Number Numeric Values Integer (2 bytes) Long integer (4 bytes)
4. Date/Time Date and time data 8 bytes
5. Currency Currency data 8 bytes
6. Auto-number A sequential unique serial number automatically increased by 1 4 bytes
7. Yes/No Logical Values 1 bit
8. OLE object (Object Link Embedded) Pictures, audio, video, graphics, documents 1GB
9. Hyperlink Link with several applications and websites 2048 characters
10. Look, Wizard Create a field that allows selecting a value. 4 bytes
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