Notes Vandar Points reward system is the loyalty system that allows you to reward with points for various actions your want to take on our website such as ads free on the website and application, asking questions privately, and many more future updates, etc. These reward points can be used to exchange for special offers or features on the websites.

The point reward system is designed to increase student engagement on the website as well as encourage them to engage in study materials. The more activities students do to engage with our website, the more points they will receive. Also, they can get a larger number of points when asking their questions and submitting their answers.

  • Ask Questions: You will be rewarded 5 points If you ask the question. You will only get a reward point once your question gets approved.
  • Submit Answer: You will be rewarded 15 points once your answer will be approved. Please submit an answer. We will give priority to written answers. If anyone submits a written answer then he/she will be rewarded extra 10 points.
  • Reply to Discussion: If you are preparing for Entrance Exam, you will get each point per discussion reply.
ActionRewarded PointsStatus
Registration20If Approved
Question Added5If Approved
Answer Added20 + 20(Written)If Approved
Best answer5If selected
Syllabus20If Valid
Full Note20If Valid
Chapter-wise Note5If valid / Per chapter
Practical Sheets3As Per Sheet
Viva Questions2As Per Questions

You can use this point to subscribe and add free on websites and applications. You must convert your point into days to subscribe. Once you activate your subscription, You will not be shown ads. You must log in to use an ad-free subscription.