List the types of Field properties.

The properties of a field describe the characteristics and behavior of data added to that field in DBMS.
  1. Field size: It is used to set the maximum size for the data stored in a given field. For eg, the maximum number of characters (size) stored in the text field is 256 characters. The default field size is 50.
  2. Format: It is used to display formatted output which means data can be displayed in different formats and layouts. For eg, < (Display content in lower case), > (Display content in upper case).
  3. Input mask: It is used to specify the format in which data can be entered.
  4. Caption: It is used to display an alternate name for the field to make it more descriptive. It can contain 2048 characters.
  5. Default value: It is the value or information that is displayed automatically when we add a new record in the table for a field.
  6. Validation rule: It enables the user to limit values that can be accepted by a particular field. It can contain 2048 characters.
  7. Validation text: The message that is displayed when the validation rule is violated or not followed.
  8. Required: It is used to specify whether the data must be entered or not in the particular field.
  9. Indexed: It is used to speed up the searching and sorting of records from the database table.
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