Read the following text and do the tasks.

This morning the city of Paris looks slightly fuming; the sky is overcast,
and it is drizzling too. But it does no harm to me. I have decided to go
out for a visit or an observation tour. I asked Nirmal braai for a list
of museums in the vicinity of Paris yesterday. He brought me some
brochures with the names and addresses, and street maps of Paris Museums
in the evening. Paris has more museums than temples and gods in
Kathmandu, he says. I am new to Paris, staying here for only one week.
Hope these maps and brochures will show me the Paris metro zones and
guide me to some museums today. Last week Nirmal braai showed me
the Pompidou Centre, a complex building of high-tech structures. This visit
has emboldened me to explore further.
I guess I can cover a maximum, of two museums today. It means just
giving a cursory glance. This is my plan. They say Cezanne is quite far
away, Paul Cezanne, the post-impressionist painter, may be on the
outskirts. I cannot visit him all alone, and cannot cover two museums in
a day. So I chose to visit a museum nearby in the heart of the city.
Likewise, Braque is far, Du Champ is farther away. So I have decided as
per Nirmal’s suggestion to start with Rodin’s. Maybe I will go to Monet’s

Questions :

A. Write ‘True’ for true and ‘False’ for false statements. 5×1=5

a. The weather of the morning was pleasant for the visit.

b. Nirmal braai provided great support to the writer.

c. Paris is the city of many gods and temples.

d. The writer plans to visit three museums a day.

e. The museum of Paul Cezanne is probably the furthest.

B. Answer the following questions. 5×1=5

a. How did Nirmal braai help the writer?

b. How are Kathmandu and Paris compared in the text?

c. How long is the writer staying in Paris?

d. What encouraged the writer to explore further?

e. Why can’t the writer visit Paul Cezanne?

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