Alcohol And It’s Types

By Anup Pokhrel


Alcohols are hydroxyl derivative of alkanes containing –OH as a functional group. These compounds are obtained from alkanes replacing hydrogen atom by a hydroxyl group.

In homologous series, alcohols are represented by molecular formula CnH2n+2.

Example of alcohol are as follows.


Classification of alcohols.

Alcohols are classified on the basis of

  1. On the basis of number of –OH group:-
  2. On the basis of nature of C-atoms containing –OH group.


1. On the basis of number of –OH group: On the basis , alcohols are classified as

  • Monohydric alcohol.
  • Dihydric alcohol.
  • Trihydric alcohol
  • Polyhydric alcohol.

Monohydric alcohol.

An alcohol heaving only one -OH group are called monohydric alcohol.

Dihydric alcohol.

An alcohol containing two -OH group is called dihydric alcohol.

Trihydric alcohol.

An alcohol containing 3-OH group are called Trihydric alcohol.

2. On the basis of nature of C-atom containing monohydric alcohol are classified into three types.

  • Primary alcohol.
  • Secondary alcohol.
  • tertiary alcohol.

Primary alcohol. 10.

If carbon containing -OH group is bonded to non or one carbon atom,it is called primary alcohol or called 10.

Image result for secondary alcohol

Secondary alcohol. 20

If the carbon containing -OH group is bonded with two C-atom it is called secondary alcohols.


Image result for isobutyl alcohol structure

Tertiary alcohol.30.

If the carbon containing -OH group is bonded to two C atoms it is called tertiary alcohol.


Important question.

Write a structural formula of secondary alcohol of C3H8O and give a method of its preparation using Grignard reagent.



Important Questions
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