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SEE Result 2079 is coming soon and students who have taken the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) are eagerly waiting for their results. This exam is a crucial milestone in a student’s academic journey as it determines their eligibility to move forward to higher education.

Instructions To Check SEE Result for Web, SMS & IVR

So You can check your SEE Result via different methods like from the website, IVR System, or SMS, so here is a detailed guide to check your Class 10 SEE Result 2079 From Different methods.

From NTC Website

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is a governmental company under the viewership of Nepal’s government. So the official site that has been publishing the results of SEE for a very long time is NTC. Here is how you can follow the steps and check your and your friends’ see results easily.

  1. Visit on your mobile or computer.
  2. Type your symbol number (Example:- 0201382) in the input box
  3. click submit
  4. Now you will get your result with marksheet.

IVR System (From PSTN and CDMA phones)

You can also check your SEE Result From PST and CDMA Phones, For that, you just have to Dial 1600 and follow the instructions and you will get your Result within Seconds.

SMS to Check SEE Result

Type see<space><symbolNumber> and send sms to 1600
Example :- Type SEE  0201382D and send it to 1600

Check SEE Result From Your Relevant School

Visiting your relevant school is the best way to check your SEE results instead of online or via SMS. Don’t worry about it being useless, schools have special access to download the SEE Result Ledger of their students. The following steps will guide teachers on how to download it.

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Input the School Code provided by NEB.
  3. Enter a student’s Symbol No. and their Date of Birth.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. The marksheet of every student in your school’s SEE Result Ledger will now be available.
SEE Result

SEE Letter Grading System

Achievement PercentageGPALetter GradeDescription of Achievements
≥ 90%4.0A+Outstanding
≥ 80% but <90%3.6AExcellent
≥ 70% but <80%3.2B+Very Good
≥ 60% but <70%2.8BGood
≥ 50% but <60%2.4C+Satisfactory
≥ 40% but <50%2.0CAcceptable
≥ 35% but <40%1.6DBasic
≥ 35%NGNot Graded

What after SEE?

There are lots of things you can do after your SEE exam like you can learn some new skills, or you can do your entrance preparation for your +2. if you don’t have any idea after SEE then here are some faculty you can take.

  • +2 Science
  • +2 Management
  • +2 Humanities
  • +2 Education
  • Diploma
  • Computer Course

Higher Secondary Education (10+2):

One of the most common routes after SEE is pursuing higher secondary education, also known as 10+2. Students can enroll in higher secondary schools or colleges to complete their two-year education in a chosen stream, including Science, Management, Humanities, and Education. This option provides a strong foundation for future university-level studies and opens doors to diverse career opportunities.

Technical and Vocational Education:

For students inclined towards practical skills and vocational training, technical education offers a promising path. Nepal has a range of technical schools and institutes that provide specialized courses in fields such as engineering, agriculture, hospitality, computer science, and more. These programs equip students with industry-relevant skills, increasing their employability prospects.

Diploma Programs:

Diploma courses offer an alternative route for students seeking focused and skill-specific education. With durations typically ranging from 2 to 3 years, diploma programs are available in various subjects, including engineering, nursing, pharmacy, hotel management, agriculture, and more. These programs provide in-depth knowledge and practical training, preparing students for specific career paths.

Professional Courses:

Ambitious students aiming for professional qualifications can opt for courses such as Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA), and other specialized certifications. These courses offer opportunities to develop expertise in areas like finance, law, management, information technology, journalism, design, and more. Professional courses enhance career prospects and pave the way for rewarding professional journeys.

Study Abroad:

In an increasingly interconnected world, studying abroad has become an enticing option for students after SEE. Those with aspirations to explore international educational environments can apply to universities and colleges abroad. Pursuing higher education abroad exposes students to diverse cultures, enhances their global perspectives, and nurtures personal growth. It is essential to research admission requirements, scholarships, and consult with study abroad advisors for a well-planned journey.


For students with an entrepreneurial spirit, SEE can be a stepping stone to start their own businesses or engage in entrepreneurial ventures. Nepal has witnessed a surge in entrepreneurial activities, and there are various programs and initiatives that support young entrepreneurs. This path requires creativity, perseverance, and a willingness to take calculated risks.


How to Check SEE Result

To check your SEE Result you need to visit and enter Your Symbol Number provided by NEB and your date of birth, you will get your result with the Grades and Marksheet

How to Check SEE Result 2080 by SMS?

If you want to check your SEE result from SMS then you have to compose a new message and then Type SEE [Space] Symbol Number after that send SMS to 35001.

How to View SEE Marksheet?

To check your SEE Marksheet you will have to visit and enter your date of birth as well as your SEE Symbol Number provided by the National Education Board (NEB), you will be able to view your SEE Result with the marksheet.

How to Download SEE Result Marksheet?

Once you visit site and obtained your result you will be able to see a print button below the marksheet from where you can download your see marksheet as a PDF.