Reporting Statements

By Notes Vandar

Class 10 English Unit 3 Reporting Questions (The ant and the grasshopper Class 10 English Exercise)

1. Vocabulary in use

i. Read the story, and place the following words in the column that best describes what you know about each one.

gloom, suspected, hilarious, chuck, decently, sore, expostulations, profoundly, unscrupulous, enticements, amendment, circumstances, qualm, blackmail, cocktails, decent, discreditable, illegal, prosecuted, convicted, vindictive, scoundrel


I don’t know at all I have seen/heard I know the meaning I know the meaning in this context
unscrupulous chuck gloom blackmail
expostulations profoundly hilarious illegal
discreditable qualm amendment decent
scoundrel prosecuted suspected decently
enticements convicted cocktail sore
vindictive   circumstances  

ii. Work in a group, and share your list with others in your group. Write a short paragraph using the words you are familiar with. 


Students are requested to write a short paragraph on any topic.

The earthquake-stricken people are still in deep gloom as the reconstruction of the damaged houses is delayed. They suspect that they would never be away from the temporary houses where they have been living for the last two years. They would be in hilarious spirits only after they get the new quake-resistant houses. They have been affected financially too. Some of them are found to be involved in different illegal activities like blackmail, robbery, theft, etc. They say if the government creates an opportunity to work decently, they are ready to live a decent life.

2. Reading comprehension

 The ant and the grasshopper Class 10 question answer

i. Read the text again and answer these questions.

a. Who was a black sheep in Ramsay’s family? Why?

Ans: Tom was a black sheep in Ramsay’s family because he began to blackmail his brother for money and always created problems in the family.

b. What was a respectable profession to Tom? 

Ans: To serve in a bar or to drive a taxi was a respectable profession to Tom.

c.   Why was George Ramsay staring into space?

Ans: George Ramsay was staring into space because his brother troubled him.

d. Why did Tom leave his work and wife?

Ans: Tom left his work and wife because he wanted to enjoy himself.

e. How did Tom manage his life when he ran out of money at first?

Ans: Tom managed his life when he ran out of money at first by borrowing from friends.

f. How did Cronshaw and Tom cheat George?

Ans: Cronshaw and Tom cheated George by creating a fake case at the court.

g. What forced George, to realize that his brother would never settle down?

Ans: George gave Tom considerable sums for amendment which Tom spent to buy a car and jewelry. Such situations forced George to realize that his brother would never settle down.

ii. Read the text again, and put the following sentences in the correct order.

a.   He began to blackmail his brother for money.

b. He left his wife and his office.

c.When his money was spent, he borrowed it from friends and spent it on luxuries.

d. George continued to pay for his brother’s expenses.

e.   He bought a motor car and some very nice jewelry.

f.    Tom took the help of Cronshaw to cheat his brother and left for Mont Carlo.

g.   He promised to make a fresh start.

h. The Ramsays were perfectly respectable people.

i.    He never settled down.


  h , b, c, d, g, e, i, a, f

iii. Using the information above, summarize the ant and the grasshopper story in a paragraph. 

 1. The ant and the grasshopper summary class 10

Ramsay’s were respectable people. George Ramsay had a brother, Tom, who was not laborious but problematic. Though he started a business, he left thinking that it was boring. He not only left his business but also his wife and two children and went traveling. He borrowed money from friends when he had none and George continuously helped him with the money thinking that he would start a new business and settle one day. But with the money George gave, he bought a car and some jewelry. He never settled down and when he did not get money from his brother, George, he started blackmailing him. Lastly, he sued a fake case with the help of Cronshaw and got five hundred pounds, and as soon as they cashed the check, they both went to Mont Carlo and remained there for months.

2. Have you ever seen, heard, or experienced a person like Tom in your community? Describe the similarities between them.

=> Yes, there was a thug in my village whose name was Birkha. Though he was healthy and wealthy, he never wanted to labor. Rather, he wanted to get easy money. He made some fake documents and started to deceive people. But one day, the police caught him and sued him for a trial. He is in jail now.

Unlike Tom who deceived everyone including his friends, Birkha never deceived his relatives nor did he blackmail them. He is jailed but Tom was not.

A. Engage yourself

 1. Read the following excerpt from the story above, and identify who the speaker was.

a. ‘How are you?’ I asked.

=> the narrator

b. ‘I’m not in hilarious spirits,’ he answered.

=> George

c. ‘Is it, Tom, again?’

=> the narrator

d. He sighed, ‘Yes, it’s Tom again.’

=> George

e. ‘Why don’t you chuck him? You’ve done everything in the world for him. You must know by now that he’s quite hopeless.’

=> the narrator

B. Time for grammar

1. Match the direct speech in column A with the reported speech in column B.

=>a. She asked me where Dolma was.

b. She asked me if he was at home.

c. She asked me how old I was.

d. The headteacher asked me if I could go to school at 10 o’clock.

e. He asked her where she was from.

f. She requests him to help her the next day

2. Change the following into indirect speech.

 a. Anupam says, “Where do you live?”

=>Anupam asks me where I live.

b. Sanjeeb says, “Can you solve the problem?”

=>Sanjeeb asks him if he can solve the problem.

 c. Prabin said, “Does Pramila love me?”

=>Prabin asked if Pramila loved him.

d. Dinesh said to his friends, “Who went to Muktinath for worshipping the God?”

=>Dinesh asked his friends who had gone to Muktinath to worship God.

e. Navaraj said to Saraswoti, “Will you visit me in Australia?”

=>Navaraj told Saraswati to visit him in Australia.

f. Julia said to Pujan, “How is your husband?”

=>Julia inquired Pujan how her husband was.

g. A stranger said to Astha, “What kind of music do you like?”

=>A stranger asked Astha what kind of music she liked.

h. Bharatlal said to Phiroj, “Aren’t you applying for a grant?”

=>Bharatlal asked Phiroj if he was not applying for a grant.

i. Aritosh said to Durgalal, “Aren’t you in the office?”

=>Aritosh asked Durgalal if he was not at the office.

j. “Didn’t you pay her?” he said.

=>He asked me if I had not paid her.

3. Pemba has been working as an interpreter in a trekking company for five years. A business person visits his office to deal with a project with his boss.

Answer =>

Pemba: Good morning!

Business person: Good morning!

Pemba: How can I help you, sir?

Business person: I want to see Mr. Bhisma Ranjan, your boss. I’m here to deal with a project.

Pemba: Sure, sir. Have your seat, sir. I’ll inform him right now.

Now, work in a pair. You report what Pemba said, and your friend reports what the business person said to the class.

Begin like this: Miss, as I entered Duke Nepal Adventure, I met a business person talking to Pemba. Pemba greeted the business person and asked how he could help him ……………….

Answer =>

Student 1: Miss, as I entered Duke Nepal Adventure, I met a business person talking to Pemba.       Pemba greeted the business person and asked how he could help him.

Student 2: As the business person entered, he greeted Pemba and told him that he wanted to see Mr. Bhisma Ranjan, Pemba’s boss. He was there to deal with a project.

Student 1: Then Pemba replied positively, and requested the businessperson to have a seat. He assured the business person that he would inform the boss right then.


A. Engage yourself

Match the pictures with the words below.

Answer:a. – iii , b. – v, c. – i, d. – iv, e. – ii

B. Study time

1. Listen to the weather forecast, and match the halves of the sentences.

a. The weather in the north is => iii. windy and cold.

b. The weather in the east is => iv. rainy

c. The weather in the west is => ii. dry and cloudy.

d. The weather in the south is => i. cloudy.

2. Listen to the weather forecast again, and fill in the gaps with the correct words.

a. The temperature will reach 15 degrees Celsius in the North of the


b. The public is informed not to leave home without their umbrella.

c. People may experience a thunderstorm in the afternoon in the east of Nepal.

d. In the west and middle of the country, the weather is dry but cloudy.

e. Today’s best weather is in the south of the country.

C. Follow-up activities

1. Listen to a weather forecast of your country broadcast in English either on radio or on television for two days; pick out the main points and present it to your class.

=>a. The sun will rise at 6:00 in the morning and set at 5: 55 in the evening.

b. The day will be sunny though it will be partly cloudy in the east.

c. The maximum temperature will be 28o C and the minimum will be 24o C.

2. Now, prepare a weather forecast transcript to be broadcast from your nearby FM radio

Answer =>

Good evening. It’s 7:15. Here’s the weather forecast for the next 24 hours. Heavy rain is expected in the eastern region of the country. It will be cloudy all day there with plenty of rain. In the central region it will be quite hot with long spells of sunshine, whereas, in the west, it will again be cloudy, with showers at times. Moving to the mid-west and far west it will be mostly sunny and very hot. In the western hills, it will be dry and windy. The maximum and minimum temperatures recorded at the five regions yesterday were: Dhankuta: maximum temperature of 28.2 degrees Celsius, minimum 21.5 degrees Celsius and, rainfall, 15.8 millimeters. Kathamndu: maximum temperature 30 degrees Celsius, minimum 19.3 degrees Celsius with 1.8 millimeters of rainfall. Pokhara: maximum temperature 31.1 and minimum 22.3 degrees Celsius, with 1.8 millimeters of rainfall. Birendranagar: maximum temperature 31.7 degrees Celsius, minimum 23.3 degrees Celsius with 6 millimeters of rainfall and Dipayal: maximum temperature 36.8 degrees Celsius, minimum 24.2 degrees Celsius with 3 millimeters of rainfall. That’s all for today.

 B. Time for Speaking

1. Anjana went missing on an island two years ago. Now, she has been rescued and taken home. A news reporter is interviewing her to know or make known to the public how she spent the days there to broadcast on television. Work in a pair. Play the role of an interviewer and interviewee.

Keywords: survive eat drink wear spend night/day

a. Daddy, Mommy asks me when you finish your work.

b. Mommy and Daddy ask if you are ready for the outing.

2. Report the interview between the interviewer and Anjana.

Interviewer: How did you reach there?

Anjana: Well, we went there for an expedition.

Interviewer: What did you eat there?

Anjana: Um….For a few days, I had some food with me. Later I survived on jungle fruits.

Interviewer: And did you have water to drink?

Anjana: We had water for a day only. After a day, we found a source of sweet water there.

Interviewer: And what about the clothes to wear?

Anjana: I had a few sets of clothes with me in my handbag. I used them.

Interviewer: Finally, how did you spend the days and nights there?

Anjana: Well, I used to come to the shore during the days to see if somebody was there for the rescue and the nights in a cave there.

Interviewer: Thank you Anjana for your time.

Anjana: I am thankful to you too for providing me with an opportunity to share my experience.

3. Anjana’s mother was surprised to see her daughter after a long time. She is on a live interview program on FM radio. Work in a group. Play the role of the interviewer, Anjana’s mother, and the general audience.

The interviewer asked Anjana how she had reached the island. She replied that she had gone there for an expedition. The interviewer wanted to know what she had eaten there. Anjana answered him that she had had some food with her for a few days and later she had had some jungle fruits. Then the interviewer inquired about water to drink. She told him that she had had water for a day only and they had found a source of sweet water the next day. The interviewer wanted to know about the clothes to wear. Anjana replied that she had some in her handbag. Finally, the interviewer asked her how she had spent the days and nights. Anjana told him that she used to come to the shore during the days to see if somebody had been there for the rescue, and she had spent the nights in a cave there. At the end, both of them thanked each other.

C. Follow-up activities

1. Mr. Ghale is a domestic tourist in your area. Now, he is at the bus station. He does not know the tourist destinations in the area. He asks for information from Ms. Baidhya. Work in a pair. Play the role of Mr. Ghale and Ms. Baidhya.

Mr. Ghale: Excuse me, could you tell me what the major tourist attractions are here?

Ms Baidhya: Oh, yeah! There is a famous temple nearby. Similarly, there is a big tea garden near the hill and a national park along the side of the river.

Mr. Ghale: Mr. Baidhya, how can I get to the national park?

Ms. Baidhya: You can hire a taxi from anywhere or catch a public vehicle from the bus station. Mr. Ghale: Where can I stay at night? Are there any comfortable places to stay in?

Ms Baidhya: Oh, there are good hotels with excellent facilities. They are affordable too.

Mr. Ghale: Thank you Mr. Baidhya.

Ms. Baidhya: You’re welcome!

 2. Now, report what Mr. Ghale asked Ms. Baidhya to your class.

Mr. Ghale came to a new place in Nepal and he asked Mr. Baidhya about the tourist attractions and others. At first, Mr. Ghale asked Mr. Baidhya what the major tourist attractions there were in his locality and Mr. Baidhya replied that there was a temple, a big tea garden near the hill, and a national park along the river. Again Mr. Ghale asked how he could get to the national park, and Mr. Baidhya replied that he could hire a taxi from anywhere or catch a public vehicle from the bus station. At last Mr. Ghale asked if there were any hotels to stay at night. And Mr. Baidhya replied that there were good hotels with excellent facilities, and they were affordable too. At last, MrGhale thanked Mr. Baidhya, and he thanked Mr. Ghale too.

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